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Born in 1973 in Clapham, South West London to Jamaican parents, Andrew Newell is a 40 year old 2nd generation Jamaican who is on a quest.
There is nothing reggae about lawn bowls, in fact most young people would walk swiftly in the other direction at the site of a bowling green. Let's face it, it's a rather sedate sport reserved primarily for the elderly middle classes among us. So why is this relatively young, heritage Jamaican trying to play Lawn Bowls for Jamaica? Well it's simple really; he loves it and dreams of being the first person in history to play lawn bowls for the island of Jamaica. At the same time it looks like he is also beginning to change the face of Lawn Bowls.

Andrew has been a huge enthusiast of the sport since the age 7 and has played at club level in England for the past 10 years and currently plays for Wallingham Park BC. There is only one problem facing Andrew playing for Jamaica and that is the fact that the governing body, WBL (World Bowls Limited), won't allow it because basically Jamaica hasn't got a foggiest idea what lawn bowls is. In fact there is absolutely no association to the sport on the island and WBL have ruled out the possibility of anyone representing Jamaica in the Commonwealth Games or the World Championships. Andrew wants to change this. We will follow Andrew's exploits and bring you more news on this interesting story...

Andrew Newell is therefore a man on a mission to introduce the rather sedate sport of bowls to the colourful and loud island of Jamaica. The best bowls players in the world are from Australia and one of the reasons why the Ausies are so strong is because of the solid infrastructure that is in place to support the sport. The fact that they have "all year round sunshine" also helps. Jamaica has definitely got the sunshine so can Andrew raise the interest and introduce the sport to the Caribbean?

Andrew Newell explains to BBC Radio 4 why he wants to get Team Jamaica to the next Commonwealth Games

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